Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - 5L

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - 5L - 850.000,00

Food Makers - this unique, fresh, un-roasted coconut aroma comes to life through our delicate production process. No heat is added through the entire process meaning Mother Nature's nutritional intentions remain within. Made up of half lauric acid - the most prized MCT oil.

Skincare - s
uits all skin types as a cleanser to delicately remove makeup, excess skin oils and impurities. This unadulterated oil conditions and softens lashes, hair and skin for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. Packed with nutrients and free radical-fighting properties, āluān can help maintain your skin's glow and reintroduce minerals to damaged skin.  

Vegan. Keto. Paleo. Gluten free.
No Pesticides. No Herbicides. No animal cruelty.
Organic Certified. Traceable to sustainable plantations.